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Electrical Home Tips And Articles

Having an Interlock Kit Installed for Your Portable Generator

If your home in Baton Rouge has ever been affected by an electrical outage, you find out quickly that connecting all of your appliances to your portable generator is a daunting task. As such, it is essential to be prepared and to have an interlock kit installed to your circuit breaker. […]

Surge Protection Basics For Baton Rouge Homeowners

If your home in Baton Rouge has ever been affected by an electrical surge, you find out quickly that nearly all of your most expensive items are attached to your electrical system. As such, it is essential to be prepared and to have a surge protection plan in place. […]

Are Your Ceiling Fans Working Properly?

You probably own at least two ceiling fans in your Baton Rouge home, so you're familiar with ceiling fan complications. Problems with your ceiling fans are easy to detect but hard to troubleshoot, so hiring an experienced electrical contractor for ceiling fan repairs is a good idea […]

5 Signs You May Have Electrical Problems

As a homeowner, you try to keep your property safe. You probably lock your doors and windows and make sure the batteries on your fire alarm are replaced regularly. However, common dangers are everywhere. You may be missing out on some important electrical safety knowledge that could be vital to protecting yourself and your home. […]

How to Pick Baton Rouge Home Generators for Your Home

Baton Rouge home generators are your run-to when there are power interruptions. Not having enough electricity could really make it hard for a household to work as normally as it would want, and this is why it's important that you choose a generator that is most compatible for your home and your energy requirements. What […]

What Every Home Owner Should Know about Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Electrical Safety

If you know how many people suffer minor or serious electricity-related damages and harm, you will be surprised at the alarming number of people who either experience damage on themselves or on their property due to electricity-related accidents. With this said, you have to make sure that you make your home as safe as possible […]

Baton Rouge Ceiling Fan Installation – Adding Comfort to Your Home

Working to achieve maximum home comfort is always an effort worth the money you spend. There are many things that bring comfort to one's home. Primarily, one of these things is air coolers. These appliances come in a variety of purposes, once that produce: cool air, some that also function as heaters etc. These specific […]

Baton Rouge Electrical Repair

If you are like most Baton Rouge homeowners, changing a light bulb is about the extent of your electrical repair abilities. Fortunately, there are qualified Baton Rouge electrical repair contractors just a phone call away. Electrical repairs are one of those things that homeowners eventually have to contend with, and there are several issues at stake […]

The Power of Baton Rouge Home Generators

Baton Rouge home generators are one of the most useful machines ever invented. Because of the rapidly evolving technology, people have grown accustomed to making work easier through the use of electricity. In one way or another, electricity is present in almost everything people do – from charging cellular phones to surfing the Internet to […]

Let there be Light but Let the Baton Rouge Experts Make It Happen: Tips for Proper Interior Lighting

Every home should have proper Baton Rouge interior lighting.  Having a set of lights installed appropriately throughout a home not only provides illumination once the sun goes down, it could also potentially make any living space more pleasing to the eye.  It is true that the right light in the right place can brighten up a […]

Home Generators Benefit Baton Rouge

Whole house generators have become quite a popular installation in the Baton Rouge area. They provide safety and security especially considering that power outages can be a danger during the storms. These outages can prove to be a simple inconvenience but can also become life threatening events depending on the timing and duration of the […]

Advantages of Exterior Landscape Lighting In Baton Rouge

The beauty of your garden and lawn might be turning heads during the daytime, but once the sun is set it will likely never be noticed, and the lack of illumination may actually serve as a safety hazard for residents and visitors. If this is your situation, you could greatly benefit from the numerous advantages […]

Baton Rouge Electrical Inspections and Testing for Your Home

The home or office is a place that is used constantly. A lot of time is spent in both, while you are either working or just relaxing at home. Having your Baton Rouge home or office inspected to make sure everything is working correctly is a very good idea when it comes to a place like […]

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