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Having an Interlock Kit Installed for Your Portable Generator

Having an Interlock Kit Installed for Your Portable Generator

How It Works?

When moved down, the plate blocks the generator back feed circuit breaker and allows the main breaker to remain ON.

When moved up, the generator back feed circuit breaker may be turned ON, but the main circuit breaker is blocked and will remain OFF.

Installing an Interlock Kit for a portable generator is a good way to ensure safe and reliable backup power for your home. If you're hiring a licensed electrician to perform the installation, here are some general steps they would typically follow:

  • 1. Assess the electrical panel: The electrician will inspect your electrical panel to determine if it is compatible with an Interlock Kit. Not all panels are suitable for this type of installation, so they need to confirm its compatibility.
  • 2. Select the appropriate Interlock Kit: Once the panel is deemed compatible, the electrician will choose the correct Interlock Kit for your specific panel make and model. There are different Interlock Kits available to match various panel configurations.
  • 3. Gather the necessary tools and materials: The electrician will gather all the required tools and materials for the installation, including the Interlock Kit, electrical tape, wire connectors, and any other necessary components.
  • 4. Shut off power: Before starting any work, the electrician will turn off the main power supply to your home. This is typically done at the main circuit breaker.
  • 5. Install the Interlock Kit: The electrician will follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the Interlock Kit. This involves removing the panel cover, mounting the Interlock Kit, and connecting it to the necessary circuit breakers.
  • 6. Wire connections: The electrician will connect the wiring from the Interlock Kit to the circuit breakers and the portable generator inlet. They will ensure proper grounding and follow all applicable electrical codes.
  • 7. Test and verify: After completing the installation, the electrician will perform a series of tests to ensure that the Interlock Kit is functioning correctly. This may involve simulating a power outage and verifying that the generator can power the designated circuits while the main power is disconnected.
  • 8. Provide instructions and documentation: The electrician will explain how to operate the Interlock Kit safely and provide any necessary documentation, such as a user manual or maintenance instructions.

It’s important to note that the specific steps and requirements may vary depending on your electrical panel and the Interlock Kit you choose. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with the licensed electrician you hire, as they will have the expertise to handle your specific installation properly and safely.

Don’t get caught without power due to a storm or other mishap.

The national electrical code requires a generator interlock device when powering a breaker panel with a portable generator. Failure to install an interlock could have fatal consequences to a lineman or a utility worker.

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