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Prairieville Electrician

Prairieville electrician

When it comes to electrical services in Louisiana, Champion Star Service is the Prairieville electrician homeowners and business in the area trust for quality results. Providing a full range of both residential and commercial electrical services, we are the local leading resource in Prairieville for electrical contractor services.

You can rely on for all your electrical repair and installation needs. We provide electrical panel upgrades, home generators, remodeling and installation work, electrical repairs and much more.

Have an electrical service emergency? Don’t hesitate to call our Prairieville electricians today - Champions is available for 24 hour emergency service.

Electrician Experts At Your Service

If you are upgrading your Prairieville electrical service, you should consider the addition of a “whole house” surge protector. The power grid is overloaded and power surges accompanied by brown outs are happening more frequently across the local area.

Combine this with the fact that our homes are filled with all sorts of electrically powered devices, and you have a recipe for an expensive disaster just waiting to happen. Local homeowners have become more and more susceptible to electrical surges delivered over power, telephone, cable TV and satellite lines.

The effectiveness of surge protection provided by power bars, UPS systems and other surge arresters, unfortunately, decreases in ability to stop a power surge every time it is called upon. Depending on the specific devise you are using to protect against power surges in your Prairieville home, the surge protection capabilities can be reduced by as much as 50% with each occurrence.

For an example, if the protection was a 100 percent for the first surge, it could be reduced to 50 percent on the second, 25 percent on the third, 12.5 percent on the forth and so on, until your surge protection devices are offering minimal protection for your home’s electrical devices. Very few devices advise that they have stopped a surge and hence your ability to know when to replace any surge protection devise is basically nonexistent – we can change that for you!

So what's the Solution for Prairieville Surge Protection that WORKS?

"Whole house" surge protectors are now available from numerous electrical manufacturers. These surge protection system are mounted on the incoming legs of the power feed, after the meter, and provide complete surge protection for all of the electrically powered items in your home.

Their capabilities are more advanced then smaller surge protectors like power strips, so you can count on these surge protection systems to keep working, surge after annoying power surge. Another good thing about these protection systems for the whole house is that they also protect the home against lightning strikes that are picked up by any incoming wires.

By providing an indication of when they have diverted a surge from your Prairieville home to ground, they can also determine if they are capable of diverting the next surge. Written guarantees are being provided by some of the manufacturers that provide for repair or replacement of any item damaged by a surge that bypassed their device. This provides homeowners with an extra level of protection against power surges and the damages can they cause.

Improve Your Business With EV Chargers In Prairieville

Installing an EV charger from Champion Star Service at your commercial property can significantly improve your business in several ways. Firstly, it showcases your commitment to sustainability and positions your business as environmentally conscious, appealing to eco-conscious customers who prioritize green transportation options. Secondly, having an EV charger can attract a wider customer base. As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to rise, more people are seeking locations with charging facilities. By offering an EV charger, you can capture the attention of electric vehicle owners who may choose your establishment over competitors without charging infrastructure.

Additionally, providing an EV charger can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It offers convenience to electric vehicle owners, allowing them to charge their vehicles while they visit your business. This positive experience can lead to repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Moreover, installing an EV charger can enhance your business's reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking organization. It demonstrates that you stay abreast of emerging technologies and are willing to invest in infrastructure that supports the future of transportation.

Installing an EV charger from Champion Star Service can improve your business by attracting customers, enhancing customer satisfaction, promoting sustainability, and bolstering your reputation as a progressive and environmentally conscious establishment.

Prairieville Calls On Us For Surge Protection

Surge protection from Champion Star Service brings a host of benefits to your home, ensuring the safety and longevity of your valuable electronic devices. Power surges can occur unexpectedly due to lightning strikes, utility malfunctions, or other electrical disturbances, posing a significant risk to your equipment. By investing in surge protection, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Equipment Protection: Surge protection devices from Champion Star Service safeguard your appliances, electronics, and other sensitive devices from the damaging effects of voltage spikes. This helps extend their lifespan and reduces the need for costly repairs or replacements.
  • Peace of Mind: With surge protection in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home's electrical systems are shielded from unpredictable power surges. This eliminates the worry of sudden equipment failure and potential data loss.
  • Cost Savings: Surge protection helps you avoid expensive repairs or replacements caused by electrical damage. By investing in proactive protection, you can save money in the long run by preventing costly downtime and equipment failure.
  • Enhanced Safety: Surge protection devices prioritize the safety of your home and family by preventing electrical surges from causing fires or other hazards. It provides an additional layer of protection to ensure the well-being of your household.
  • Insurance Benefits: Some insurance providers offer discounts or incentives for homes equipped with surge protection devices. By installing surge protection from Champion Star Service, you may qualify for lower premiums or other insurance benefits.

Champion Star Service's surge protection solutions provide comprehensive protection for your home, delivering peace of mind, equipment longevity, and potential cost savings. Protect your valuable assets with reliable surge protection from Champion Star Service and enjoy a safer and more secure home environment.

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