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Advantages of Exterior Landscape Lighting In Baton Rouge

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The beauty of your garden and lawn might be turning heads during the daytime, but once the sun is set it will likely never be noticed, and the lack of illumination may actually serve as a safety hazard for residents and visitors. If this is your situation, you could greatly benefit from the numerous advantages and appeal of Baton Rouge landscape lighting.

Baton Rouge outdoor path lighting is an important, and often overlooked, aspect for any well-planned lawn landscape. Aside from the added aesthetic quality it can bring, path lighting also contributes to the safety and well-being of everyone in the home. Additionally, with adequate lighting you would be able to easily identify unwanted strangers during the night hours.

Many people hold back when considering the purchase of garden lighting equipment in Baton Rouge for fear that the installation would cost them an arm and a leg. To help you explore the available options, here are some of the most popular path lighting products available:

Solar Path Lights

Concerned about your Baton Rouge electric bill and want to steer toward something a bit greener? With solar lights, all you would ever need is the sun to power your new lighting setup. Solar panels gather energy from the sun and store it in solar batteries. This gives you the benefit of charging the batteries during the daytime when lighting is not needed. Solar path lights in Baton Rouge may come at higher initial cost but the long term savings will make up the difference very quickly, making this an excellent option.

Low Voltage Path Lights

Cast a glow on your garden and walkways with low-voltage lights, a simple but effective improvement that can make a huge difference in the safety and security of your home as well as how it looks after dusk. These types of lights are primarily designed for people who do not want to invest in more expensive solar lighting and still prefer to keep the power bill in check. These are usually installed along walkways, steps, and driveways, pointing up at trees, walls, and fences. This lighting option comes at very affordable prices.

LED Path Lights

Popularly known for their bright lighting, LED path lights are one of the cost-effective ways of lighting up your yard. LED lights tend to consume less electricity when compared to standard light bulbs. They are also considered more durable as these bulbs do not get busted easily and tend to last much longer. LED light bulbs are sometimes equipped with the convenience of a remote control, and some even have scheduling features allowing them to be activated and deactivated at specified times.

Outdoor landscape lighting in Baton Rouge comes in all manner of styles, shapes, sizes and functions. But what are the main benefits of installing such a lighting system?

Security for Residents

Path lighting ensures that your walkways and driveway are illuminated in low light or at night, allowing you to spot trespassers and identify anyone approaching your home. Exterior lighting is also a great threat-deterrent, as many potential thieves will steer clear in fear of being exposed to anyone nearby or inside the home.

Accident Prevention

Exterior Baton Rouge landscape lighting fixtures will allow family, friends and other visitors to clearly see where they are walking when approaching your home. Many accidents are caused by tripping on a crack in concrete or on stairs, or slipping, all of which can be prevented with the increased visibility of path lighting.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from safety and security, path lighting can give your garden and other landscape features that extra touch at night. The natural appeal of Baton Rouge landscape lighting brings out the beauty of your plant life, and home exterior, during all hours of the night when it would ordinarily not be seen.

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