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Home Generators Benefit Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Home Generators

Whole house generators have become quite a popular installation in the Baton Rouge area. They provide safety and security especially considering that power outages can be a danger during the storms. These outages can prove to be a simple inconvenience but can also become life threatening events depending on the timing and duration of the outage. Severe weather carries danger with it during hot and cold spells alike. It's during these times that a generator can make all the difference.

Whole house or stand-by generators deliver several benefits beyond providing reliable power backup. These benefits include:

— Whole house or stand-by generators typically increase the value of the home/
— These stand-by generators are very convenient due to their fixed location and automatic switch technology. The switch to generated power can be accomplished either by the push of a button or automatically, depending on the configuration of the generator.
— Baton Rouge home generators switch on and start to deliver power within ten to thirty seconds of a power outage. This benefit can be extremely important when homeowners rely on electrically powered medical devices or are using sensitive equipment such as computers. These Baton Rouge home generators also switch to the "off" position when regular power comes back on line.
— Because they can be hooked up to a natural gas line, they have virtually indefinite run times, a critical benefit in situations where outages last for extended periods.
— Indefinite run times can also be critical in situations where frequent tank changes might not be an option. This can be the case where elderly people are not physically able to change a fuel tank or in severe weather situations where changing a tank outdoors might prove to be dangerous.

Whole house generators in Baton Rouge come in a variety of sizes allowing for customized power generation solutions to meet all types of needs. Starting with the square footage of the home and determining whether all or some of the appliances in it will require generated power can give you a baseline power requirement. A qualified Baton Rouge electrician will be able to assist you with more detailed information.

If you are looking for a Baton Rouge home generators contractor then please call 225-644-0400 or complete our online request form.